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There are many reasons why paper shouldn’t be part of the future of any successful business, big or small. Paper document management systems often become a bottleneck, slowing down the day-to-day operations, while adding significantly to the overall administrative cost. Paper documents are location bound, making management and distribution time-consuming and expensive. Paper documents cannot be integrated into computer applications and are often misplaced, temporarily or permanently. They get damaged, destroyed or lost, often having detrimental effects on business continuity and success:
  • It can have an extreme and negative influence on an audit.
  • It can compromise good corporate governance, compliance, and influence stakeholder perceptions.
  • The loss of critical documentation could expose the business to commercial and legal risks.
  • Lost documents could result in dissatisfied clients, or even worse, lost clients.
  • Lost revenue due to missing order or delivery note confirmations.
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Head office

Francois de Lange

Email address

012 546 9937
082 824 0948
Western Cape

De Villiers Rust
Froneman Jacobs

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Email address

083 443 0368
083 254 4664
Free State

Pierre Goosen

Email address

051 447 0825/7
Eastern Cape
East London

Sibongile Nteta

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082 564 9471
Pretoria East
West Rand
Johannesburg North

Chris Snyman
Chris Hattingh
Jan-Hendrik Mathews
Wendy Lopes

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Email address
Email address
Email address

082 323 4041
082 889 8449
083 456 3199
083 267 7809
Kwazulu Natal

RJ Ferreira

Email address

082 326 3210

Bruce Mwila

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+260 211 261061

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The benefits of document imaging and management
  • Easy and instant document access.
  • Elimination of errors due to updated document history and conversion.
  • Multiple document access increases project turn-around and cash flow.
  • Improved document security and access control.
  • Simplified compliance with corporate governance legislation
  • Faster turn-around.
  • More accurate document delivery.
  • User-friendly information delivery.
  • More productive use of office floor space previously wasted on paper storage.
  • Reduced time wastes on finding lost or misfiled documents.
  • Minimised staff salary costs.
  • Reduced paper copying/printing costs.
  • Multiple electronic back-up copies stored off-site to ensure fires, floods or break-ins don't disrupt your business.
  • Automatic compliance with international standards in electronic document integrity, authenticity and legal legitimacy.

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